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Ministry Opportunity with the Homeless

Right now, there is a tremendous opportunity for the California-Pacific Conference as a whole to be in ministry with the homeless through the use of our empty church facilities, halls, retreat centers, parking lots, commercial kitchens, staffing, and underutilized parsonages or vacant properties.

Cal-Pac Connectional Ministries has been in ongoing conversation with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) about ways of partnering in the effort to relieve those who are at risk from the COVID-19 virus.  In learning about the needs of Los Angeles, we know that such needs exist throughout the region of the California-Pacific Conference.

Therefore, we are asking every church to complete a brief survey to assess and determine whether your church desires to serve during this time of need and in what capacity this would be possible.  The survey is available via the button below.

The additional opportunity to keep in mind here is how all cost and related expenses to this effort will be covered by the public agency, which helps with adding income to the local church as well.

Thank you for your willingness to add to your virtual worship a willingness to extend it to mission through shelter, food service and ministry to our broken world, making disciples of all people.