Declaración conjunta en respuesta a las caravanas de migrantes centroamericanos

Declaración conjunta en respuesta a las caravanas de migrantes centroamericanos 

7 de noviembre de 2018 

La migración humana es tan antigua como la historia humana. Individuos, familias, tribus y naciones se han ido trasladando desde ante de los tiempos de Abraham y Sara. A lo largo de los siglos, factores políticos y económicos, … Read More

Bishop of Methodist Church in Argentina Expresses Concern on Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

A recently published op-ed entitled, “Defining Disgraceful,” written by Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño and Sister Simone Campbell in response to the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, has received widespread support from faith communities and beyond, including from … Read More

Statement on End to ICE Raids and Support for Sanctuary

This month we began another year demonstrating that the only wisdom that our U.S. Department of Homeland Security seems to have for addressing the plight of undocumented immigrants, is to bully them and mistreat them. To conduct ICE raids upon … Read More

Statement on Syrian Refugees – (Press Conference | 9/28/15 |Washington D.C.)

We stand here today, united as religious leaders, calling upon President Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress to extend life-saving help to Syrian refugees desperately fleeing for their lives. We have seen the tragic images of children, young people and … Read More

A Beloved Community Began as Strangers – No Están Solos

It took just one week at a United Methodist retreat for 33 young strangers, unaccompanied minors who had reached the United States from as far away as Guatemala, El Salvador, & Honduras, to become a beloved community who went home … Read More