Cal-Pac is Present at LA County Disaster Assistance Center

Our churches and volunteers of the California-Pacific Conference have made a great impact providing support, immediate assistance, and a caring Christian Presence to survivors of the recent Woolsey Fire from mid-November to early December 2018.

Based at the Conrad Hilton … Read More

Call for Donations to Sherman Indian High School at AC2017

Native American Ministries / Committee On Native American Ministries requests donations to Sherman Indian High School, one of the few remaining boarding schools under the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Students come from across the United States and often come with little … Read More

Cal-Pac Teams Rebuilds in Weed, CA in April 2017

The Weed Long Term Recovery Group in northern California worked in conjunction with Siskiyou Habitat for Humanity to help those who still have unmet needs as a result of a devastating fire in September 2014. The fire destroyed parts of … Read More

Call for Recovery Teams in 2017

Nancy Rasmussen lead a CalPac recovery team in Weed, California which has just returned. This team was joined by a retired clergy team from the Cal-Nevada Conference. Weed was devastated by an arson fire that quickly developed into a wildfire. … Read More

Circled Around a Fire and Confirmed by the Rain

It was 9:15 p.m. on Saturday night with the fire circle ablaze at Lazy W Ranch. There were 111 confirmands and adult leaders from 13 churches and five districts eagerly awaiting the message from Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño. The music … Read More

Living with Grace UMC in Riverside

The following is what a newly immigrated family experienced when they moved nearby Grace United Methodist Church in Riverside, CA and visited on Sunday:

“I, Mohammad Nekarae (Hamouon) moved here to the United States on June 15th 2015 with my … Read More

UMC, AME, and Baptist Churches Stand Together in Oxnard

When Bishop Broderick Huggins of St. Paul’s Baptist Church of Oxnard received an anonymous death threat scrawled over a photo of him in a local newspaper, nearby Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church and North Oxnard United Methodist Church joined St. … Read More