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Joint Commission

Upcoming Events

The Joint Commission holds 5 meetings per year, 3 in Mexico and 2 in the United States. At these meetings, The Bishop from Mexico, representatives from Cal-Pac, officers, participating church representatives, including sister churches, and pastors from Mexican Churches are represented. Discussions range from reports on activities at Mexican Churches, to upcoming needs and opportunities. Requests for funding are received and voted on by members present.

Guide to Joint Commission

The Joint Commission exists as an extension to your church. Your contributions and volunteers made the work we do possible. We are available to answer questions.

The Details

  • Tom Pilkington, President, Joint Commission | 909.645.1212
  • Pastor Baldwin Avendano, Vice President (Mexico)
  • Rev. Jim Oliver, Treasurer, Joint Commission | 562.360.4245
  • Maribel Martínez, Secretary (Mexico), Joint Commission