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Justice & Compassion Grant 2019

The Justice and Compassion Grant is for the purpose of empowering, connecting, and resourcing laity, clergy, congregations and communities as they meaningfully engage in ministries of justice and compassion both locally and globally.

The Justice and Compassion Essential Ministries Team supports a wide variety of new and ongoing programs and projects that are connected to the people of the United Methodist Church.

Please be aware that of the four areas of ministry identified by the Council of Bishops we will be focusing on engaging in ministries with the poor and combating the diseases of poverty.

However, we are aware that all four areas of focus often overlap, so if applicable please identify how your project will help revitalize your congregation or develop leadership for the church.

We also want to encourage and give preference to cooperative ministries, i.e., those involving several UM churches or Christian churches of several denominations.

Please be aware that the Justice and Compassion Grants given in 2019 will be no more than $5,000 per grant.

Given the small size of the grants, grants will only be given to organizations with annual budgets less than $500,000 with priority given to smaller churches and agencies.

Learn more and submit your application online or in print via the buttons below.

The Grant application deadline is June 3, 2019.