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New Paid Sick Leave Requirements for 2024

As you know, beginning July 1, 2015, California required paid sick leave for all employees which, while providing a great benefit to many, generated questions from the churches in the California-Pacific Conference given that many, at that time, did not offer a sick pay benefit or perhaps only offered it to certain employee categories.

SB 616 now changes the minimum amounts of paid sick leave to be provided to employees. To reflect these changes, we have updated our previous Question-and-Answer document.

For a complete description of the new law, please visit the legislative website. The Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement may also update its website to reflect the changes from SB 616 but that has not yet occurred. Note: It may be helpful to read the description of the law before jumping into the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

These FAQs, like other publications before it, are not intended to be all-inclusive or a final product. Although the California-Pacific Conference has attempted to provide information that it believes has a sound legal basis to the extent known, we are not attorneys and are not offering, and cannot offer, you legal advice.

It is our strong desire, however, to help you in your quest for information. We encourage you to continue working with your labor and employment attorneys, if you have them, and to have them review any final updated policies on this issue before implementation of such policies and distribution of them to employees. You may also call the Conference Human Resources Office at any time to discuss your questions and issues, and to receive assistance in finding the answers you need.

Jan Hanson
Director of Human Resources