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[Correction] Virtual Worship for Second Sunday of Easter 2022

Note: The available date for the Easter videos has been corrected from April 1 to April 11.

Dear Friends in Christ,

As you prepare for the sacred seasons of Lent and Easter, your Bishop and Conference leadership want to continue to support pastors and worship leaders continuing to deal with the complex and comprehensive work of worship preparation as more and more churches worship both in person and virtually. To that end, we will once again be providing you with a Conference-sponsored virtual worship service targeted for the second Sunday of Easter, April 24.

The service can be used in total or in part with liturgy, music and message downloadable individually. While this may not alleviate the work of preparation for in-person worship, it may assist in the virtual option or portion of the service that can be prerecorded and shared.

The complete service will be made available to you by April 11, 2022.

Rev. John Farley
Assistant to the Bishop for Leadership