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In Memory of the Honorable Nelson Mandela

Brothers and Sisters,

The two times I had the privilege of being in the presence of the Honorable Nelson Mandela, he mentioned his ties to the Methodist Church.

He credited the Methodists for having educated him and thus prepared him for his journey in life.  In those moments it was and continues to be deeply humbling to know that our Methodist family had some part in supporting an incredible world leader like Nelson Mandela.  I know you join me in giving thanks for his life; a life that transformed the world in all the right ways.

I also want us to prayerfully consider honoring Nelson Mandela by finding children, young people, men and women, in each one of our congregations and in our communities to educate and support in ways that will lift up other great leaders for the world in the servant spirit of one such as Nelson Mandela.

May God be praised for this incredible prophet, Nelson Mandela, and may the Holy Spirit bring comfort to all who mourn his death.


Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño