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Call for Responders to Saipan – Typhoon Yutu 2019 (Disaster Response)

The California-Pacific Conference Disaster Response Task Force is calling for more ERT volunteers to respond to the disaster in Saipan, Typhoon Yutu, which left 34% of all dwellings destroyed or damaged.

The need for Early Response Teams to Saipan is huge with more than 500 homes needing repairs especially to roofs. We have currently worked on over 50 homes. Team members will be assigned to multi-conference teams based on abilities and availability. Each team will have a trained team leader, or co-leaders. with Linda Wilson as project director, who interfaces with FEMA. Teams will work for 2 weeks, excluding Sunday, when we hope you will support the local United Methodist church (Rev. Debbie Wise, pastor).


  • ERT trained and currently badged, non-United Methodists included
  • Passport good for up to 6 months beyond deployment dates
  • Excellent health, flexibility, and a sense of humor make for a great mission
  • Money for meals (a per diem will be paid to your bank, so you pay upfront)
  • SS# for FEMA travel authorization
  • WJ international travel insurance—depending on days to and from airport (approx. $60)
  • Proven construction skills (carpentry & metal skills) for current trussing/tin roof jobs is needed but not required.

FEMA will provide:

  • Transportation to local airport and Saipan and home again. No extra days allowed.
  • Housing on Saipan
  • Ground transportation
  • Per diem (for food) — reimbursed at end of deployment

To apply, please contact Linda Wilson, Volunteer Coordinator for Saipan, at or 720.394.1567. For questions, please contact Judy Lewis, Cal-Pac Disaster Response Coordinator, at or 909.731.8248.