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[Urgent] Call for Assistance with Border Crisis (South District)


Give now to the Immigration Crisis Fund to assist these efforts to aid refugees and asylum seekers.

Asylum seekers and refugees who have been approved for entrance into the U.S. and have been held between the border fences for a number of days with a lack of water, food, and shelter are now being dropped off by U.S. Border Patrol agents at transit centers across San Diego, leaving people with few resources or places to go. Faith communities and civic organizations have responded by providing emergency shelter, food, and transportation.

First UMC of San Diego, Nestor UMC, and First UMC of Chula Vista opened their doors to our neighbors from around the world. Calexico United Methodist Mission and Christ UM Ministry Center in San Diego continue their daily work of receiving people. They can use our help.

Can you give your time to stay at the churches, drop off food, pick up laundry, and drive to the airport and bus stations? To help at FUMC San Diego, click on this link:

In Chula Vista, they are currently providing shelter to up to 12 refugees. They are dropped off at the church by an agency and are housed, provided showers and clothing, and fed until their flights/transport out. We take them to (mainly) the airport. CVFUMC needs flip-flops, men’s clothing, towels, and money. We have wonderful volunteers and staff who have pivoted to provide support as a first priority.

If you are a church that participates in the Interfaith Shelter network and can activate your team to receive guests for 1-2 weeks, please get in touch with the Rev. Dr. Denyse Barnes at

You can make donations to Calexico United Methodist Mission to help support the ongoing work of the Rev. Baldwin Avandano as he and that community do the daily work of receiving our global neighbors,

  • Funds for a meal for a family of 4 = $40
  • Funds to cover one night in a motel = $80
  • Funds to cover one plane ticket to a sponsor = $400

Send your gifts directly to the local ministry:

Please make checks payable to Calexico United Methodist Church and specify on the memo line: “for migrant program,” then mail to 1070 Blair Ave., Calexico, CA 92231.

As we seek to address the physical hungers of our global neighbors who are among us, let us pray for them and all those seeking to respond. 

Rev. Sandy Olewine
South District Superintendent


Give now to the Immigration Crisis Fund to assist these efforts to aid refugees and asylum seekers.