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LGBTQIA+ Resources for Annual Conferences During General Conference Season

Reconciling Ministries Network

Reconciling Ministries Network has created a Workbook and facilitators guide,  “Say More: Talking About Why LGBTQ+ Inclusion Matters (Workbook and Facilitator Guide), which can be found here: Say More: Talking About Why LGBTQ+ Inclusion Matters (Workbook and Facilitator Guide) – Reconciling Ministries (

Young Prophets Collective

The Young Profits Collective (an LGBTQIA+ nonprofit and a new faith community led by Rev. J.J. Warren (he/him)) is offering an online gathering throughout the duration of General Conference which can be shared in your churches and they are asking for volunteers to help provide virtual community and care:

You can also volunteer for them in person or on the phone providing care and support during General Conference:

Resist Harm

Resist Harm, a movement launched after the Special Called General Conference of 2019, (and which many of our churches were involved in throughout 2020 – see the picture above at Hollywood UMC) is encouraging people to use their platform and social media to share testimony and declare support for full inclusion of all God’s beloved children. They have created the following form for our churches to download, complete, and share photos of on social media, tagging #ResistHarm so it can be shared more widely.

The sign can be found here:

Their website is and includes a great variety of resources that can be used on social media and in your churches, including liturgies, prayers, and ideas of ways in which you can support them.