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Apportionment Giving (September 2013)

Huntington Park United Methodist Church’s (West District) Apportionment Giving reached 115% this September.  Pastor Alexandro Vilches and Lay Leader Jackie Vázquez believe that Apportionment Giving, “reaches people through ministries beyond the local church that our own church might not ever reach.  We believe that it never hurts our ministry to give because God provides for us to give.  What it takes is an open mind, a game plan, and leadership with a diverse set of skills.”

In addition to worship and other discipleship activities, Huntington Park UMC offers music classes without cost to the community and runs a food distribution.

This September, we celebrate with gladness that the number of churches at, or exceeding, 100% Apportionment Giving has risen to 15

  • Pomona Valley Chinese UMC – East District
  • Trinity UMC of Whittier – East District
  • Kam-Nam UMC (103%) – Hawaii District
  • Pacific Islanders UMC (100%) – Hawaii District
  • Aldersgate UMC Hawaii – Hawaii District
  • Christ UMC – Hawaii District
  • First Tongan UMC of Hawaii – Hawaii District
  • Honoka’a UMC – Hawaii District
  • Na’alehu UMC – Hawaii District
  • Holtville UMC – South District
  • Huntington Park First UMC (115%) – West District
  • Inglewood First UMC – West District
  • Lynwood UMC – West District
  • Pico Rivera UMC – West District
  • Silverado UMC – West District

The full Cal-Pac Apportionment Giving Report (September 2013) is available here