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Hunger Awareness This Easter!

newsThe time between Easter and Hunger Awareness Sunday (HAS) on May 18, 2014, is a good time to raise funds for the Hunger Fund.

A big THANK YOU to all churches who are already consistently giving to the Hunger Appeal on the apportionment remittance sheet.

Now, a few fundraising ideas:

  • Take an offering on May 18.
  • Do as the Pearblossom Community UMC lay leader does: collect donations from the congregation, co-workers and friends between Easter and HAS
  • Ask recipients of your church newsletter to fast one meal and donate the amount saved to the Hunger Find via your church.
  • On the Sunday after Easter, send a little paper bag home with the congregants and ask them to return it filled up on May 18, celebrating those churches who give lunch bags to their hungry guests.

Put the donations into the offering plate. Your treasurer will send a check with the apportionments, earmarked Hunger Fund #002-000-23210. Thank you!

The CalPac Hunger Task Force is called not only to distribute and refill the Hunger Fund, but also to promote UMCOR’s anti-hunger ministry. UMCOR World Hunger/Poverty is an Advance Special #982920. The program helps poor countries in their efforts to move sustainable development. One example is the Farmers Field School, another is the UMCOR Coffee Project.

[tw-button size=”large” background=”” color=”” target=”_blank” link=””]UMCOR on Hunger Work[/tw-button]

UMCOR partners with many organizations, including The Christian citizens advocacy network Bread for the World (BFW).  We invite you to participate in the 2014 Offering of Letters, asking Congress to revise US foreign assistance toward having recipient countries let their own farmers plant nutritious emergency food.

Source: Cal-Pac Hunger Task Force