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Advent 2023: Nourishing Rhythms for a Flourishing Life (Calendar)

Your Connectional Ministries team has prepared an Advent Calendar for you and your church!

Real Talk. We know that Advent and the holiday season can leave us drained and wondering if it was all worth it. We pray that this simple tool will spark ideas to help you and your church experience nourishing rhythms for a flourishing life this Advent. 

If you are interested in receiving this Advent Calendar and an introductory message, please click here.

The Advent Calendar and introductory message are also available in the following languages: YouthSpanishTonganKoreanTagalogChineseSamoan, and Japanese.

The various calendars and introductory message are also on our website, here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rev. Denyse Barnes ( or Rev. Ken Suhr (

May you have a nourishing and blessed Advent season this year!

In prayer and with Advent hope,
Your Connectional Ministries Team