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EZRA Tables & Statistics Training (Treasurer’s Office)

A frequent question is: “How are apportionments calculated?”

The key is to correctly complete the Tables (statistical data) for your church which is the data used for the apportionment calculation. We will discuss how the statistics are used by the denomination and the Conference for ministry and connectional work.

This workshop will guide you on how to enter and submit Tables in the EZRA system. We will review the most common errors and ways to avoid them and how to be accurate in submission so your church does not receive an increase in apportionments due to error(s).

The training will be led by Archana Carey, Conference Treasurer/Executive Director of Finance & Facilities, and Kathy Trcopan, Executive Secretary to the Treasurer.

Two EZRA webinar dates are available for churches to attend. Please RSVP via the link below.