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Trinity Sunday 2023 Resources (Religion & Race)

The General Commission on Religion and Race (GCORR) celebrates the Imago Dei in each of us. As we proclaim to be a church that embraces our diversity, strives for equitable systems, practices, and policies; and works toward the inclusion of our diversity; we want to provide you with some resources for this year’s Trinity Sunday on June 4th, 2023.

Trinity Sunday is a day in which we celebrate our love and faith (and mystery) in the Holy Trinity – Father*, Son, and Holy Spirit. For this year’s Trinity Sunday, we created resources that provide a theological understanding of how the Imago D.E.I. (Image of Diversity, Image of Equity, Image of Inclusion) is foundational to the work of the Trinity.

The Trinity, Three in One, is a model that fully reflects the image of God. We are all invited to join their diversity with the Holy.  All are invited to share with Them to join in Their equity.  All are invited to be embraced with Them, totally included to become one as they are one.

Based on the Athanasian Creed, GCORR has provided a theological framing of the Trinity as it relates to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (read the statement here). Furthermore, we have created an Imago Dei Communion Liturgy and an Imago Dei Trinitarian Litany for your use. Suppose your congregation wants to continue to further explore the Imago DEI through a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lens. In that case, we invite you to consider using our Imago Dei: Lectio Divina Five Week Small Group Resource.

As you plan Trinity Sunday worship, consider the following worship components:

United Methodist Hymnal:
  • We Believe in One True God, #85
  • Canticle of the Holy Spirit, #80
  • Prayer – Trinity Sunday, #76
  • Santo, Santo, Santo #65
Faith We Sing:
  • Glorify Thy Name, #2016
  • Glory to God (Gloria a Dios) # 2033
  • Father, I Adore Your # 2038
  • Holy, Holy #2039
Worship and Song:
  • Prayer, #42
  • Statement of Faith, #79
  • Prayer, #181
  • Praise God for This Holy Ground, #3009
  • Sing the Praise of God our Maker, #3013
  • Come, Join the Dance of Trinity, #3017
  • God Almighty, We are Waiting, #3047
  • Father, We Have Heard You Calling, #3150
  • Gracious Creator of Sea and of Land, #3161
  • The Risen Christ, #3179

For more information on Trinity Sunday:

*Other words have been used, such as Mother, Parent, or Creator