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UMW’s latest Program Book, Knitted Together, brings your unit closer to God’s community

Are you longing for community during this pandemic? Do you have resources to support your desire for bonding? Is your local group thinking of how to make your program virtual and accessible?

The new United Methodist Women Program Book for 2020-2021Knitted Together for God’s Good Work, can be purchased here.

This Program Book explores how we as children of God are joined and linked together into the whole body of Christ. Even at times when social distancing or other obstacles may keep us physically apart, we are knit together in community to transform the world.

Through monthly programs, you will explore biblical passages that emphasize the courageous, bold witness and work of a woman or a group of women who faithfully seek to be a part of God’s good work. Your group will also explore opportunities for action and advocacy through United Methodist Women.

New This Year:

  • Each program includes time for an ongoing Knit Together for Your Community project in which you will create individual knitted pieces that the group will ultimately join together to create a knitted blanket, prayer shawl, scarf or other item to donate to an organization of your choice.
  • To ensure that everyone can join together virtually for monthly study and community, virtual adaptations are provided with each program.
  • Additional virtual adaptation tips can be found at: DistanceProgrammingResources.pdf.

To purchase your copy of Knitted Together for God’s Good Work, go to: or call Mission Resources at 800.305.9857.
If you need to find out about bulk shipping for your conference, contact

Korean and Spanish editions will be available for sale at the end of September.

Blessings for your program season!

Praveena Balasundaram and Andrew Cheu 
United Methodist Women