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Conference Secretary

The Conference Secretary’s team is comprised of many gifted Laity and Clergy working collaboratively together to aid the Members of the Annual Conference to effectively and efficiently do our work together. We manage the agenda, the technology, legislation and reporting, voting, and much more. For questions on Annual Conference Sessions or to join this fantastic team, please contact the Conference Secretary.

This page includes information on past and upcoming Conference Sessions as well as Conference Journals.


The Annual Sessions of the California-Pacific Conference generally take place in June of each year and encompass our yearly business. Laity and Clergy gather to be in connexion together, to worship together, to serve together, to learn together, and to be the body of Christ together.

To see information on both past and upcoming Annual Sessions, see the links under the Sessions by Year header.

Rev. Bob Rhodes
Conference Secretary

Rev. Cathie Capp
Agenda Chair


The Conference Journal is an official publication of the California-Pacific Conference containing information about the life of the Conference.

Some sections of the Journal, as published here online, are password protected for privacy and security considerations.  To obtain the password, simply contact the Conference Secretary (

For more past Journals and Minutes from the Conference & Antecedents, please visit