I am about to do a new thing;
Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

–Isaiah 43:19

January 19, 2017

As the Bishop and Appointive Cabinet of the California-Pacific Annual Conference, we would like to try a new thing:  the posting of clear appointment openings. We have never done this before in our annual conference, but in the name of transparency, we would like to begin this new practice.

As we begin the appointment process, we usually start with those churches that need a new pastor through a retirement, ending of an interim period, or a change in status of the last pastor.  We know that a set group of churches will need a new appointment.  We have listed below those churches with a brief description of the ministry setting.  Specific statistics about the church are available through the Annual Conference Journal, and demographics of the surrounding community are available through MissionInsite.

If any clergy member is interested in putting their name forward for a specific opening, they will contact both their current District Superintendent, and the District Superintendent of the church opening.  In some cases, it might be the same D.S., but as a courtesy if the D.S. is not the same, both are required.  That clergy person will then be placed on the Cabinet list of possibilities for that church.  There is absolutely no guarantee that one would be selected for that appointment, but the Bishop and Cabinet will deeply discern the gifts and graces of that clergy putting their name forward, the needs of that mission field and the local church.  We are committed to make appointments based on the match between what is needed in the local community and church, and the gifts and skill sets of the potential pastor.

This posting list will only go out once with the clear openings that the Cabinet is starting with.  There will not be succeeding rounds of postings as new appointments become available through the movement of pastors to new churches.  We have found in other annual conferences where we have been using this posting method, that it becomes too unwieldy for the Cabinet to be continually posting new appointments through Cabinet actions.

All inquiries will be held in strict confidence.  Potential pastors interested in putting their name forward are not to contact their own local church, nor the pastor or laity of the church one is interested in, as this has the potential to harm their current church appointment.  The Cabinet will not release any information of those who put their names forward.

We do ask that clergy who plan to put their name forward to enter into a deep and prayerful discernment before contacting the District Superintendents.  One should only take part in this process after a careful consideration of where God is leading one to consider, and be affirmed by God that this is both realistic and a true calling.

For those the Cabinet eventually asks to move to a new appointment, we are committed to providing the specific reasons why we are asking for this new opportunity. As mentioned earlier, the Cabinet will deeply discern the match between mission field and local church, and the gifts and graces of the pastor asked to serve.  There will be the expectation of a complete rationale of why we believe this match is necessary.  There is also the expectation of an open itinerancy, and if one cannot move because of grave family issues, we will enter into a “covenant of limited itineration,” whereby full time appointment may not be granted, as we see what is available in any given local area.

We hope and pray that this new way of appointment making is both liberating and helpful to our annual conference and God’s Kin-dom that we are pledged to serve.

Be the Hope,

Bishop Grant J. Hagiya
Los Angeles Area Resident Bishop
The United Methodist Church

Hawaii District

West Kauai UMC: Average attendance is 55 people – The church has 106 years of history, which started on porches, and in the homes of the sugar plantation families residing in the Kekaha and Kaumakani area. These two churches merged in1996.  WKAUAI owns two sanctuaries,  two fellowship halls and one parsonage. They worship at the Kekaha location once a month at the Kaumakani location on the first Sunday of month; then worship the remaining Sundays at Kekaha where the parsonage is located. They are a multi-ethnic congregation and descendants of the founders of the churches.  The church has strong lay leaders.

Trinity UMC, Pearl City: Average attendance is 60 people – The church celebrated 51 years of ministry in Pearl City and has two language ministries: English and Tongan. The opening is the pastor for the English congregation who also serves as the senior pastor of the church. This church is known to the community for their social justice ministries and has strong lay leaders. The congregation is multi-ethnic and has a strong potential to grow.

West District

Chinese UMC: (Associate Minister position in Chinese language, must be Cantonese-speaking)  Will plan and conduct Sunday worship services, extend the congregation’s ministry to the  Chinatown community in downtown Los Angeles, and assist the Senior Minister in the overall ministry of the church.

First UMC, Los Angeles: Considered a new church start, with a legacy congregation that is small but faithful. Located in the South Park area of DTLA, in a rapidly growing and developing community. Opportunity for a solo position or team ministry. There are no church facilities currently in existence on the property, and the congregation utilizes space in adjacent housing community for worship, with offices in a historic DTLA building across the street.

First UMC, Inglewood: (Senior Minister position, overseeing all administrative and pastoral responsibilities of the church.)  The congregation is historically African American, but the location of the church is in an ethnically transitioning area.

West Anaheim UMC: (Senior Minister position, must be Vietnamese/English speaking.) Worship responsibilities in Vietnamese language, with administrative oversight over entire church which also includes an English speaking congregation. An English speaking Associate will work with the Senior Minister in provide programming and pastoral care for the entire church.

North District

Westlake Village UMC: (Senior Pastor) Worshipping Congregation – 296 persons – Westlake Village UMC is a strong church with developed discipleship plans. Worship continues to be relevant and creative in all three settings. This Sr. Pastor will need to bring strong preaching and a visionary presence. WVUMC is also needing a pastor to bring multicultural awareness and develop a connection to the broader community.  WVUMC has strong lay leadership and a commitment to find the emerging next generation of Christians in the Westlake Village area and this church is part of a strong Mission Area which works well together.

Friendly Valley UMC: Santa Clarita: Worshipping Congregation – 70 persons – This is an older congregation but they have very active seniors and a defined private community around the church. The mission will be to reach out to this unique community and care for those who live close to the church, and into the Santa Clarita Valley.  The church is located in a “55 and Older” gated development but the church is assessable to the public. The ministry opportunity is to be “accessible” on more than Sunday mornings.  FVUMC is much stronger when they work with Santa Clarita & Valencia UMC’s.

East District

Walnut UMC: Walnut is a suburban city of approximately 30,000 with a strong Asian presence and nearby Mt. San Antonio Community College. The church’s motto is Growing by Believing and Doing. The congregation has been growing in recent years and wants a leader committed to continuing that growth. There is a strong preschool and church has a youth group and engaged leaders. The church is inclusive and welcomes all. This congregation has history of seminary interns and would welcome a pastor willing to continue that tradition. The 2016 intern led a Church Mission Trip to rural Japan that demonstrates their commitment to mission. They were also actively engaged in supporting the Imagine No Malaria campaign.  This church has the potential to continue to grow and is looking for a vibrant pastor who will welcome all, lead in preaching and teaching and be connected with the preschool families and engage the congregation with the community.  The church has a parsonage.

La Verne UMC: The City of La Verne is a small community of some 30,000 people.  This small church is nestled in the beautiful foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.  The lifestyle of the town is enhanced by the presence of the University of La Verne and is only minutes away from the School of Theology at Claremont. Ministries include their preschool (including infant care) and a strong Scouting Ministry (with their own Scout House Barn). The beautiful sanctuary (famous for being used in the 1967 film “The Graduate”) includes multi-media capabilities.  The congregation has some ethnic diversity and strong leaders. La Verne UMC desires a leader to continue to deepen the spiritual lives of its members. Ideally, the pastor will enable the church to reach out to the community and might even link more strongly to David and Margaret Youth and Family Services, a comprehensive social services agency in La Verne which is one of our UMW Mission Institutions.  This appointment will be 75% or 100% depending on compensation package that the church can afford.

Redlands: University UMC: Redlands is a college town with the University of Redlands within blocks of the church. It was well known for growing oranges in its past and some groves still remain.  It has a small but vibrant downtown and the city hosts summer concerts in the Redlands Bowl. This small church has a long history but due to recent changes of pastors, the church is looking for a pastor who would be ready to serve for at least five years to provide a sense of stability. This year they have a retired pastor who is serving a one-year interim appointment as they have been discerning God’s future for them in a changing mission field. There are dedicated leaders who seek to make a bigger impact in their community even while they continue to care for one another. There is opportunity for ministry with a growing Hispanic community. The appointment will likely be 75% depending on the compensation package required by the incoming pastor due to the church’s ability to fund.

South District

Hemet UMC: Hemet UMC is a community of faithful Christians caring for their community. The volunteer preschool, and after school program for young people attest to their care for young people. The congregation values a pastor who will reach out to the community, provide pastoral care and spiritual leadership. Hemet is poised for a redevelopment of it’s significant campus and facilities, and hopes for a pastor with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Escondido UMC: (Associate Pastor) Escondido church is adding a NEW Associate position. Pastors William DeBos and Ruben Torres are growing an intentional dual-cultural, bilingual ministry of English and Spanish. The Ministry is looking for an associate, hopefully with some bilingual skills, to work in a shared ministry with families, young people, small groups and programs. The church is open to acting as a “Teaching Church” for a new clergy person, and offers an exciting new arena to engage in creative, spirit lead ministry.

2016 – 2017 Appointments