February 2, 2018

As the Bishop and Appointive Cabinet of the California-Pacific Annual Conference, we would like to continue the practice that we started last year in posting our clear appointment openings. We have gotten positive feedback from this process, and people feel there is a stronger sense of transparency and collaboration in the appointment process.

As we begin the appointment process, we usually start with those churches that need a new pastor through a retirement, ending of an interim period, or a change in status of the last pastor. We know that a set group of churches will need a new appointment. We have listed below those churches with a brief description of the ministry setting. Specific statistics about the church are available through the Annual Conference Journal, and demographics of the surrounding community are available through MissionInsite.

If any clergy member is interested in putting their name forward for a specific opening, they will contact both their current District Superintendent, and the District Superintendent of the church opening. In some cases, it might be the same D.S., but as a courtesy if the D.S. is not the same, both are required. That clergy person will then be placed on the Cabinet list of possibilities for that church. There is absolutely no guarantee that one would be selected for that appointment, but the Bishop and Cabinet will deeply discern the gifts and graces of that clergy putting their name forward, the needs of that mission field and the local church. We are committed to make appointments based on the match between what is needed in the local community and church, and the gifts and skill sets of the potential pastor.

This posting list will only go out once with the clear openings that the Cabinet is starting with. There will not be succeeding rounds of postings as new appointments become available through the movement of pastors to new churches. We have found in other annual conferences where we have been using this posting method, that it becomes too unwieldy for the Cabinet to be continually posting new appointments through Cabinet actions.

All inquiries will be held in strict confidence. Potential pastors interested in putting their name forward are not to contact their own local church, nor the pastor or laity of the church one is interested in, as this has the potential to harm their current church appointment. The Cabinet will not release any information of those who put their names forward.

We do ask that clergy who plan to put their name forward to enter into a deep and prayerful discernment before contacting the District Superintendents. One should only take part in this process after a careful consideration of where God is leading one to consider, and be affirmed by God that this is both realistic and a true calling.

For those the Cabinet eventually asks to move to a new appointment, we are committed to providing the specific reasons why we are asking for this new opportunity. As mentioned earlier, the Cabinet will deeply discern the match between mission field and local church, and the gifts and graces of the pastor asked to serve. There will be the expectation of a complete rationale of why we believe this match is necessary. There is also the expectation of an open itinerancy, and if one cannot move because of grave family issues, we will enter into a “covenant of limited itineration,” whereby full time appointment may not be granted, as we see what is available in any given local area.

We hope and pray that this new way of appointment making is both liberating and helpful to our annual conference and God’s Kin-dom that we are pledged to serve.

Be the Hope,

Bishop Grant J. Hagiya
Los Angeles Area Resident Bishop
The United Methodist Church

Clear Appointment Openings 2018-2019 (By District)

Hawaii District

  • First United Methodist Church of Honolulu (FUMC) – A medium sized urban church comprised of several different language ministries: Tongan, English, and Fijian.  The Tongan ministry is the largest, with about 150-200 people participating on a weekly basis. While the majority is primarily Tongan speaking, there is a growing English speaking youth and young adults group (around 40-60), and has great potential.  The position is designed for younger people, an extremely important quality would be to have a pastor of young adult age who has the ability to work within team concept and work collaboratively with others. The pastor must be fluent in English, and while the ability to speak Tongan is not required, the pastor must be very familiar with Tongan culture and know how to navigate culturally between the Tongan Way and the American Way.

West District

  • Grace UMC (Los Angeles) – A vibrant predominantly African-American congregation on the west side of Los Angeles. The congregation is approximately 270 members (of which we have 178 regularly in worship each Sunday). The congregation has a good mixture of age groups, 4 great choirs, a solid church school program, a dance ministry, very active UMW and UMM groups–currently revitalizing the UMYF. Grace also has a very active Disciples Bible Study program with classes for each level. Grace is an activist congregation providing bagged groceries to people in need daily, boxed groceries for seniors, and preparing, delivering and serving meals and toiletries to homeless people in the parks and under overpasses in Los Angeles. Grace provides HIV/AIDs education, testing and sponsorship of camperships for persons HIV+ and living with AIDs through the Cal-Pac Strength for the Journey Camp and Program (which has been co-chaired by the pastor and lay leader) for 7 years. The UMM sponsored forums across the year focused on mentoring young men. Grace has an award- winning seniors ministry which is a partnership with the city of Los Angeles with more than 100 active members.

North District

  • Ventura First United Methodist Church – 200+ on Sunday and Messy Church.  This church is a community congregation for the Ventura area and offers traditional worship with excellent music. Small group/disciple ministries have been started in the church and in the city parks.
  • Santa Clarita UMC – Located in the Santa Clarita Valley and serves the needs of a variety of socio-economic families, from the upper-middle class to the homeless. They are a family-oriented church with a mid-week family worship experience. SCUMC has a strong lay-leadership and a preschool on the campus, as well as a partner Korean UMC.

East District

  • Palm Springs UMC – With an average worship of about 200 with a membership of 253, it is a Reconciling Congregation and welcomes all people. The church has been deepening opportunities for discipleship by expanding small groups and adult studies while also beginning a Messy Church. Situated in the desert, it is a joyful church that reaches out to the community in service and seeks a pastor with energy, vision and willing to work in partnership with all
  • Trinity UMC Vietnamese Congregation (Pomona) – With a membership of 169 and average attendance of 90, the congregation is deeply committed to the gospel and often go into the community to witness to their faith. Looking for a Vietnamese-speaking pastor for this part-time position that also has basic English skills. An English language congregation is also part of Trinity so must be able to work in partnership together.

South District

  • Sun City UMC – With a membership of 236 with an average worship attendance of 138, the church is situated in the unique setting of a retirement neighborhood between Murrieta and Riverside, the church is a close knit group of dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ open to connecting with their community. The congregation is ready to partner with their next pastor in a team approach to ministry.
  • Claremont Christian Fellowship (Claremont)– Located in the North Claremont community of San Diego, Claremont Christian Fellowship has a membership of 130 with an average worship attendance of 110. This is a community of caring and committed Christians in the Biblical Tradition, deeply committed to the call to be disciples of Jesus Christ, and to guide others to that same life commitment.