2017 – 2018 Appointments

We are pleased to announce that as of July 1, 2017, Bishop Grant Hagiya intends to appoint the following pastors to the churches indicated beside their names:

  • Rev. Dr. Walter Dilg, Jr. to Westlake Village UMC (North)
  • Rev. Mandy McDow to Los Angeles First UMC (West)
  • Rev. Lynn Munson to Laguna Beach UMC (South)
  • Rev. John Wang to Friendly Valley UMC (North)
  • Rev. Dr. Krista Givens to Walnut UMC (East)
  • Rev. Angela Galanis Price to Whittier First UMC (East)
  • Rev. Hee Jung Yu to Redlands University UMC/Emmanuel UMC San Bernardino (East)
  • Rev. Valerie Weise to Hemet UMC (South)
  • Rev. Amy Wake to Trinity Pearl City UMC (Hawaii)
  • Rev. Tom Choi to Honolulu First UMC (Hawaii)
  • Rev. Robert Lloyd to Aiea UMC (Hawaii)
  • Rev. Victor Cyrus-Franklin to Inglewood First UMC (West)
  • Rev. Floyd McKeithen to Culver Palms UMC (West)
  • Rev. Erin Stenberg to Palmdale UMC: Associate (North)
  • Rev. Phil Wood to La Jolla UMC (South)
  • Rev. Sam Nam to Parker UMC (Hawaii District)
  • Pastor In Kwon Jun to Associate pastor at Christ UMC (Hawaii District)
  • Rev. Joshua Clough* to Associate Pastor Church of the Resurrection (Kansas City District of the Great Plains Conference)
  • Benjamin Camp (To be Commisioned on Elder Track) to Associate First United Methodist Church of Escondido (South District)
  • Rev. Rachel Tabutol to Associate Westlake Village: North District

When additional appointments are confirmed, they will be shared with you so that you may hold the pastors and congregations in prayer as they prepare to work together in building life giving ministries in their communities.

*Effective May 1, 2017


2016 – 2017 Appointments