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Delegation Statement on Episcopal Nominations

Your General Conference and Jurisdictional delegates want to be as transparent as possible to the annual conference concerning actions that we are taking as your elected representatives. We have heard and value the Annual Conference’s clear endorsement of 3 nominees from California-Pacific Conference to be elected to the episcopacy.

In April 2022 the Western Jurisdiction Leadership Team directed that a new discernment process be created for the episcopal elections. The Leadership Team envisions a 4 month discernment process starting in June and ending in October. Part of this new discernment process is in response to the Episcopal and Permeable Boundaries reports from the Western Jurisdiction task forces that were formed to strengthen the work of the Jurisdiction in this season of change. The reports envisioned a team of bishops, each with their own strengths that could be leveraged across the Jurisdiction. Instead of the annual conferences working in silos, all of the annual conferences could benefit from the unique gifts of all of the bishops. The Leadership Team encouraged annual conferences to consider casting a wider net at their annual sessions by endorsing persons to enter the discernment process rather than endorsing persons for election. Part of this reasoning was to also have future candidates enter the discernment process even if they may not be ready for election at this time. 

As part of this discernment process the delegation will be hosting feedback sessions in July and August for all laity and clergy of the annual conference to help the delegation discern the qualities, gifts, and skills we want in our College of Bishops. We are available via email at Your General Conference and Jurisdictional delegates are committed to honor the trust given to us and faithfully participate in the discernment process envisioned by the Western Jurisdiction Leadership Team.

Other annual conferences have either sent on all names raised up by the annual conference or have not named anyone. The delegation interprets that Cal-Pac has endorsed 3 nominees for election and those nominees will go on with that strong endorsement. The delegation further interprets that the annual conference raised up all 20 names to start the discernment process. In the spirit of casting a wide net of diverse candidates, a separate nomination process is available online through the Western Jurisdiction, in which any individual can submit names. We, your delegation, will be submitting the other 17 names to the Jurisdiction to continue in the discernment process over the next 4 months. This communal discernment is crucial to our faithful work as we prepare to represent you at the Western Jurisdictional Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, in November of this year. 

General/Jurisdictional Delegation of the California-Pacific Conference