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A Devotion for the Third Day of the General Conference 

By Monalisa Tu’itahi, Lay Delegate to General Conference

Scripture for Reflection:
So he started out, and on his way he met an Ethiopian eunuch… This man had gone to Jerusalem to worship… (Acts 8:27)

Silent Meditation:
Please spend a few moments meditating on the passage.

I read the above words in my lectionary reading this morning. And a moment of clarity descended upon me. This is why I am here at the General Conference: so that all the “eunuch”-like people in all of the “Ethiopian”-like lands, known and unknown, familiar and unfamiliar, can find a “Jerusalem” to worship. Our work here at the General Conference is not an end to itself, but a vehicle for creating a church that is open to ALL. And a church where everyone can find redemption and salvation. May it be so.

God of all people, the General Conference is a complex maze, and we can easily forget why we are here. Remind us that we are here to build your church, a church that is open to ALL of God’s beloved children. Amen.