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Message from Bishop Escobedo-Frank: Update at General Conference

Bishop Escobedo-Frank shares about the hopeful and productive first few days of the UMC General Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Hello everyone. Greetings from General conference in Charlotte. I just wanted to say hello to you today, and let you know that the spirit of the Lord is here. The delegates are doing hard work. You can feel that God’s presence is helping us along, you can feel the excitement even in all of the legislation that’s coming forward. People are in agreement and are pushing forward things that we’ve been working on for years and years. 

So thank you for all of you who have been praying and have been working in our past because it’s showing its fruition now. For example, yesterday the regionalization plan did pass, and it passed easily. So that was not an easy work, but you could tell that the delegates have done the work that they needed to do.

I’m grateful for you, for those of you who are watching online, for those of you who are with us in spirit and are praying, please continue to pray that God’s presence would make a difference here at General Conference, so that in our future we’ll be able to be church in a new and generous way. Thanks for all that you are doing.