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Palestine/Israel Task Force

The Holy Land Strategy Group, also known as the Cal-Pac Palestine/Israel Task Force (CPPITF), seeks to inform, inspire, and mobilize United Methodists in the California-Pacific Conference for effective advocacy and action, for the goal of achieving a just peace in the Holy Land.

We are equipped and ready to provide education for our churches about the modern history of the region, the conditions on the ground that need to be addressed today, the position and actions of The United Methodist Church, and scriptural and theological perspectives on justice in Palestine/Israel. We provide opportunities to support and engage in campaigns and programs with United Methodists across the Connection, and we have a strong interest in intersectional justice work with others in our conference.

Our task force also encourages responsible tourism when visiting the Holy Land, to assist Cal-Pac United Methodists in adhering to our church’s guidelines for Holy Land tours. We would welcome the opportunity to connect with those who are planning a trip for themselves, their congregation, or any group in our conference, and just as importantly, to be in touch after returning home.

Our most recent activity was leading a resolution to adoption at the Cal-Pac annual conference session of 2023: “Identifying and Opposing Apartheid in the Holy Land (PDF).”

We would love to hear from you, answer your questions, and assist you in whatever ways you would like to engage in education and advocacy for justice in the Holy Land.


Preach & Pray Palestine

Apartheid-Free Congregations

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M. Theresa Basile
Chair, Palestine/Israel Task Force
323.253.9087 |

Rev. Dr. Denyse Barnes
Director of Justice & Compassion EMT
626.568.7356 |