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Church gets helping hand after vandalism nearby Jewish congregations (Westwood UMC)

Westwood United Methodist Church and businesses nearby were vandalized with graffiti after a Dec. 8 “Free Gaza” protest that occurred not far from where President Biden was holding a fundraiser.

The church’s senior pastor, the Rev. Molly Vetter, said two nearby Jewish congregations, apparently assisted by some Muslim neighbors, worked quickly to paint over the graffiti found on some of the walls around the church’s play yard and a planter below the sanctuary.

Vetter expressed gratitude “for the care of our whole community.” She added, “I am heartbroken by the devastation, injury, and loss of life in Israel and in Gaza and its connection to the lives of Palestinian and Jewish neighbors in our own community. I pray fervently for peace.”

To join the General Board of Church and Society in telling Congress to call for a ceasefire in Israel and Palestine, click here.

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