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Immigration Strategy Group

[URGENT: May 2023] Call for Assistance with Shelter Needs

Echo Park UMC (West District) is planning on opening its doors as a transit shelter: most people will have onward locations and will only stay for a maximum of 48 hours. To achieve this, we have a shopping list to ensure they are fully equipped: 

  • food 
  • water 
  • beds, air mattresses, mats 
  • bedding 
  • heater 
  • towels 
  • clothing (clean and in good condition, preferably new): underwear, socks, jackets, T-shirts, and jeans only 
  • sanitary products: diapers, menstrual pads 
  • toiletry kits 
  • staffing: volunteers 
  • cooking equipment 
  • tableware: plates, silverware, etc. 
  • trash bags 

For Jacumba UMC (South District), a quick shopping list with water, canned meats, and baby food has been created for direct delivery to the donation site. You can find the link to the shopping list HERE.

Financial gifts are also welcome:

If you have some space in your fellowship halls or sanctuaries, consider providing similar shelter yourselves. Again, it will only be for 48 hours. You would need to provide food, bedding, showers, clothing, and onward transportation. We have a team of people developing a package that would help explain what would be required of you and what support you could expect from the conference and our partners. 


Welcome Centers:

Rev. Dr. Denyse Barnes
Director of Justice & Compassion EMT
626.568.7356 |

Pastor Toña Rios
Co-Chair, Immigration Task Force

Pastor Rafael Rios
Co-Chair, Immigration Task Force

Rev. Joel Hortiales
Director of Hispanic/Latino Ministries and Border Concerns
626.568.7375 |



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