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FACE’s 11th Lighting The Community Summit & 20th Anniversary Awards Gala Dinner

This past pandemic year has been wrought with much pain from deaths, racism, economic losses to violence and division. In the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, we have seen much of these disparities including continued anti-Asian hate. We recognize much healing is needed as individuals, communities and as a nation but we need the tools and resources to rebuild our future.

Faith & Community Empowerment (FACE; formerly KCCD) is pleased to invite you to their 11th National Lighting the Community Summit & 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner on October 22-24, 2021. This virtual conference with a hybrid dinner to close out the Summit is with the theme “A Time to HEAL: Health, Equity, Advocacy, Leadership“.

Bishop Grant Hagiya of the California-Pacific Conference of the United Methodist Church and David Mcallister-Wilson, President of Wesley Theological Seminary, are among the Honorary Co-Chairs of the event.


  • White House Grant Opportunities & Appointments & Listening Session
  • Corporate Social Justice: Funding in the Pandemic Reality
  • Housing, Homelessness & Affordable Housing
  • Health & Mental Health
  • Access to Jobs, Paid Training & Internships for Youth
  • Navigating Resources for Faith & Community Development
  • Advocacy – Amplifying Our Voices: Winning Strategies (Breaking Down Walls)
  • Speed Networking Training & Competition – Our Voices Matter
  • Continuing the Fight: Creating Belonging


  • How to activate faith and nonprofit leaders to maximize their community engagement
  • Workshop sessions on various government and corporate resources and partnership opportunities for churches, nonprofits, and businesses
  • Networking opportunities with influential leaders from across the county
  • How to create and sustain true solidarity
  • How to partner with various stakeholders – such as government agencies, corporate funders & others – to leverage resources to better serve the community​​
  • Lessons on best practices for community service programs
  • Mentoring & career path opportunities for youth
  • Training on fundraising, program development, advocacy, media relations, government relations