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Korean Association Sends Cal-Pac $5,000 for SoCal Wildfire Recovery


The Korean Association of The United Methodist Church (KAUMC) has sent a $5,000 check to the California-Pacific Annual Conference’s disaster response fund, to aid Southern California wildfire recovery efforts. In a letter to Bishop Grant J. Hagiya, signed simply “Members of” the association, the group shared how members’ hearts were broken by the fires in Southern and Northern California and the families “who are still looking for and/or grieving their lost property, their missing friends and family members, their missing pets, and their life plans.”

“At the same time,” the letter continues, “it uplifts our hearts to hear about first responders, agencies, and community volunteers. We trust our God, who is present in times like these.”

The KAUMC board met in Los Angeles after Thanksgiving to plan the association’s 2019 convocation and took time from its busy agenda to visit and pray at some fire-impacted areas of Malibu. It was decided the group would contribute $5,000 each to wildfire recovery efforts in both Northern and Southern California, gifts shared “with humble hearts” to “join the efforts of our California conferences” to support survivors of the disasters.

KAUMC consists of lay and clergy leaders of the Korean UM churches and other Korean American United Methodist pastors.