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Urgent Message for All Churches Applying for 2014 Equitable Compensation

An error was discovered in the Excel fillable Equitable Compensation application (Form 6 of Charge Conference Forms). The error is in the formula that calculates the number of years of service in the boxes on Page 1, Section B. It calculates one year less than it should be.

This error will affect the minimum salary that appears in the salary boxes in Section B, and therefore any subsequent value that is calculated from it.

A corrected application is now posted on the Cal-Pac 2014 Charge Conference Form page

Please be aware that once the corrected years of service are calculated on the application, the base salary on Line S0 of the application will be higher, and will need to be changed on the Salary and Benefits form Line 1 as well.

We sincerely regret the error, and realize the extra work this may create for our churches.

For any questions, please call Jan Hanson or Wanda Bethea at the Conference Office:
Jan: (626) 568-7317 // Wanda: (626) 568-7318