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the current – morning edition (9/27/18)

By Rev. Mary Scifres, Author and Editor at our United Methodist Publishing House, and Rev. John Farley, South District Superintendent and Lead for Transforming Vital Congregations

The challenge of growing our churches, strengthening our finances, and energizing our ministries is more demanding than ever. To meet this need, New Ministries EMT is an enthusiastic sponsor of Growing Communities of Love Live, a relationally-based church growth conference by Mary Scifres Ministries at the Disney Embassy Suites in Anaheim, CA this October 23–25, 2018.

What We Know: According to Pew Research, the #1 reason people attend church, at a staggering 81%, is to grow closer to God. The more people feel connected to God, the more committed they are to their church and to members of its congregation. Yet, churches and church leaders sabotage their path to growth by doubting themselves and what they have to offer to the very people who are yearning for community and God’s presence.

What We Wish: There are game-changing tools for deep listening, transforming conflict into collaboration, and building healthy teams that share the ministry burdens of the church.  We wish for ministry leaders to get them at Growing Communities of Love.  As a relationally-based approach to evangelism and church growth, this conference offers your church the tools it needs to successfully grow as a community of love, strengthen your finances, and energize your ministries. Growth that is grounded in God’s love expands our church’s impact both internally and externally, spiritually and numerically.

What We Need: We need laity and clergy who are ready to put love at the center of their ministry and their church—to expand the church’s transformative impact on our world by sharing Christ’s message of God’s love and grace at a deeper level. We need laity and clergy who are curious about using the heart of the Gospel to connect with others and build the community of God in our midst. We need prayers for those who are already Growing Communities of Love and for those who are embracing this new training to grow God’s love and Christ’s loving impact in the world.

The time is now to step into God’s current of Transforming Christian Leaders!