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the current – evening edition (9/27/18)

By Cat Holbert, Director of Camp Lazy W Ranch, and Anthony Gomez, Program Manager at Camp Lazy W Ranch

Many of us feel the tension in the room, in our newsfeeds, or on our television screens. But, instead of conversation, familiar patterns have emerged across platforms: one-sided sharing of facts intermixed with opinions, demands of others to change their actions, condemnation of others who don’t agree with our views, pushing of bystanders to choose a side. That is why the theme of this year’s Young Adult Retreat 2018 at Camp Lazy W Ranch on October 12-14, 2018 is “Building Bridges,” with Keynote Speaker Rev. Jeania Ree Moore from the General Board of Church and Society.

What We Know: When we explore our call to build bridges with those who seem worlds apart from us and engage with the ideas of identity, social tribalism, and language, as well as their implications for power and justice in our world, we know that we are learning skills that will help us grow in our faith in Jesus Christ.

What We Wish: Genuine human connection is a powerful force for illuminating common ground. Our wish is that more of us will take the risk to build a bridge, so that more of us can meet in the middle. We lose the ability to transform the world for God’s Kingdom when our feet remain planted firmly where they are.

What We Need: We need those who have had the desire to have these conversations to join us in this important moment. We need everyone in our Conference to make sure young adults know we have an event designed specifically with them in mind. We need our churches to be champions of connection, demonstrating that which united us is far greater than that which divides us.

Now is the time to join in God’s current of Transforming Lives!