January 29, 2015

What have you decided? #resolutions

authenticityBy James J. Kang

On December 31, 2014, an interesting story was posted on vox entitled, “Google knows what your New Year’s resolutions are going to be,” (Danielle Kurtzleben).

#resolutions-jan-15-webThe story had graphs and charts, via University of Oxford’s Max Roser, of significant upward spikes in Google searches for “Elliptical trainer” at the end and beginning of every year

The spike, for at least the past nine years, always fell dramatically as the year progressed.

Now, what if we had such charts and graphs for the people called Methodists in the California-Pacific Conference? What would they show?

Well, here are three of our New Year’s Office of Communications resolutions…

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#1 – Have a monthly focus. Each focus will have a “#” hashtag and a cover graphic. And, each Companion Weekly email will have a main story on that focus.

#2 – Be social (media) first. By the time things arrive by email, they will have already been a part of the conversation online. So, let’s be sure to be connected!

#3 – Speak outwardly. Our stories, designs, and initiatives will inspire those inside and outside of our church so that all may experience God’s life-giving love.

Lofty goals?

Only so if we choose not to work together and wait for someone else to make everything better.

The work of communications is the work of leadership, and vice versa. Both go hand in hand.  So, if we do things right, what a great year we will have!

I look forward to a year when all of our resolutions become our reality.

James J. Kang is the Director of Communications for the California-Pacific Conference of The United Methodist Church.