the current

the current (11/1/18)

Written by Erich Schmitt, Program Coordinator, Camp Cedar Glen

Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, … Read More

the current (10/25/18)

By Rev. Marlene Urban-Funk, Program Manager, Camp Wrightwood

“Camp is my happy place.”

So many of our young people say this!  But what happens when we can’t always be in our “happy place”?

At Camp Wrightwood Winter Camp 2019 our … Read More

the current (10/18/18)

By Diane K. Gin, President of Cal-Pac United Methodist Women

It was just a few months ago when women from across the California-Pacific Conference were all at First United Methodist Church of San Diego! We were elected, installed, and inaugurated … Read More

the current (10/11/18)

By James J. Kang (IG@calpacinnovation), Director of Communications and Innovation

Imagine that it is Christmas 2028 and one of our local churches is celebrating something special in their Sunday worship service.  The birth of the baby Jesus?  Well, of course.  … Read More

the current (10/4/18)

By Rev. George Martzen, Rev. Deborah Oh, Marcia Galland and Bob Gin, Leaders of the Greater San Gabriel Valley Mission Area

The One who believes in me will also do the works that I do, in fact, will do greater … Read More

the current – evening edition (9/27/18)

By Cat Holbert, Director of Camp Lazy W Ranch, and Anthony Gomez, Program Manager at Camp Lazy W Ranch

Many of us feel the tension in the room, in our newsfeeds, or on our television screens. But, instead of conversation, … Read More

the current – morning edition (9/27/18)

By Rev. Mary Scifres, Author and Editor at our United Methodist Publishing House, and Rev. John Farley, South District Superintendent and Lead for Transforming Vital Congregations

The challenge of growing our churches, strengthening our finances, and energizing our ministries is … Read More

the current (9/20/18)

By Marty Drake and Leyla Wagner Messy Church Leaders of Community UMC of Huntington Beach and Messy Church USA Regional Coordinators

As we consider the reasons for the decline in Sunday morning worship, we must then look at new … Read More

the current (9/13/18)

By Rev. Dr. Deb Shepherd-Webster (First UMC of Pasadena) and Rev. Ben Camp (Chair of the Cal-Pac Eco-Justice Task Force)

With all of the things that we have been seeing on the news, we followers of Jesus Christ might … Read More

the current (9/6/18)

By Diane Gin and Annie Solomon, East District Co-Lay Leaders

For a while now, Annie Solomon and I have been wondering how we could spark something within our Lay Leaders to work collaboratively in our mission areas and share … Read More