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the current (10/18/18)

By Diane K. Gin, President of Cal-Pac United Methodist Women

It was just a few months ago when women from across the California-Pacific Conference were all at First United Methodist Church of San Diego! We were elected, installed, and inaugurated into our current positons on the Conference team. Now, a year has just flown by and it is time to come and join us at our 46th Annual Celebration at Kum Ran UMC (Gardena, CA) on Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 10:00AM.

What We Know: We have a long, rich history beginning in 1869 with 8 women in Boston. We are the voice to the underserved…the unheard. We are an organized group of women doing mission work here in our communities and around the world. WE love God! We’re almost 150 years strong; celebrating a legacy of mission giving and work!

What We Wish: So, we wish for all women to join us at the 46th Annual Celebration to experience creative, supportive fellowship and to learn about how our work has expanded through the various mission opportunities that we are involved in. We wish to see women inspired and excited about being (or becoming) a member!

What We Need: We are passionate women of all ages who love God and choose to make a difference in the life of women, children, and youth.  But, we are not alone in the world and we need women committed to meeting the challenges of the next generation who are mindful of the many ongoing injustices to see how the United Methodist Women is such a great way to fulfill God’s calling for them.

The time is now to step into God’s current of Transforming the World!