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Crossroads 2020: Prophetic Living in a Broken World (North Carolina Conference)

As Christians and leaders, we stand daily at the crossroads of the world as it is, and the world as God intends. And as the Church, we have a responsibility to love our brothers and sisters in Christ as Christ so loved us.

This commitment of Christian love is offered to everyone during Holy Baptism and extended through Holy Communion and other means of grace, including Christian conversation. Truly loving each other in the context of this Crossroads series means learning about the struggles and historical challenges our brothers and sisters of color face.

Crossroads is an opportunity to coalesce the two worlds—as it is and as God intends—through better understanding and awareness. The Crossroads 2020 series will highlight four different ethnic groups, the history of racism and exclusionary policy each group has experienced in the United States, and how racism is currently manifested and experienced by the groups. We hope that opening up our minds to how others experience the world will move us closer to who God needs us to be, as prophetic voices in this broken world.

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