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Housing for Early Response Teams

newsWould your church be willing to provide a place for an Early REsponse Team (ERT) to stay if a disaster struck in your area?

ERT’s of 7 to 8 people are trained by The United Methodist Church to provide a caring Christian presence in the aftermath of a disaster.

They are not first responders, but they do follow shortly afterwrads.  They response to disasters in their own communities and when invited travel to other conferences.

A host church would need to provide:

  • a place for 7 to 8 people to sleep
  • bathroom facilities
  • a kitchen
  • a shower is appreciated, but not necessary

The team would be gone during the day and would need a secure place for their belongings

All ERT members have passed a background check.

Contact Judy Lewis, Cal-Pac UMVIM/Disaster Response Coordinator ( for more information.