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Tables 2019


The EZRA system is now available for filling out the Tables information.  There was a continued improvement in submissions last year and with more planning and training there can be more improvement this year.  PLEASE NOTE THE PASSWORDS ARE CLEARED with the launching of each year. See instructions below:

  1. All churches are required to complete Table 1, Table 2 Supplement, Table 2 and Table 3.  Mission Congregation are required to complete only Table 1.  Please heed to the following tips and instructions as you begin entering the Tables information for your local church.
  2. The Church User Guide is on the Cal-Pac website at: or you can go directly to:
  3. We have created two users for each church.  Please DO NOT share User IDs. If additional users are necessary, contact Joyce Zirkle at the Conference office:
  4. The User ID is your church GCFA number followed by the letter “p” for the primary user and the letter “o” for the other user (if there is one).  If you don’t know your GCFA number, it is located on your monthly giving statement.  You can also contact the District Statistician (listed under 02. in “The Details”) or Conference office:
  5. The temporary password is: calpac  The system will require you to change it to your own password when you log in.  Note your password from last year has been cleared and you will need to create a new one or recreate it for this year.
  6. Our conference does not use Alignment Number so leave that box with zeros.
  7. The Table titled “Table 2 Supplement” needs to be completed before you complete Table 2 as there is data on the Table 2 Supplement that will auto-fill in the Table 2.
  8. The Table 2 and Table 2 Supplement are customized for California-Pacific Annual Conference.  It will not match what is on the GCFA web site.
  9. Please email your district statisticians if you need help with the Tables.

The Details


The deadline for the Tables completion is March 9, 2020.  Paragraph 340 from the Book of Discipline 2016 is clear on the responsibility of Elders and Licensed Pastors regarding Tables data submission: ¶340.2.(c)(2)(f) To care for all church records and local church financial obligations, and certify the accuracy of all financial, membership, and any other reports submitted by the local church to the annual conference for use in apportioning costs back to the church.

Karen Britten:
Ana Marie Fultz:

Dorothy Kawamoto:

Dorrel Atteberry:
Mele Maka:

Susan Naslund:

Rod Sprott:
Phil Freeman:
Polly Sablan:

By submitting via EZRA your Tables 1, 2 Supplement, 2 & 3 in a timely manner the conference can meet GCFA’s deadline for data submission. Granting extension to the already established deadline will delay our submission to GCFA and hinder the work in the entire connection.


  • All Tables are for the calendar year 2019.
  • The previous year data will show in the column to the left of the 2019 entry box.
  • Table 1 is for membership and worship reporting.
  • Table 2 Supplement is for Pastor(s) expense information.
  • Table 2 is for reporting the church assets and operating expenses.
  • Table 3 is for reporting church income.
  • Table 2 Supplement is for breakdown of all pastors’ salaries, pension, health, housing and any salary assistance appointed to your local church.   The lead (Sr.) pastor salary, pension and health benefits are reduced by 80% before apportionments are calculated.  If there is more than one lead pastor in the calendar 2019 year, combine the data to include the entire year.
  • The names are needed of the associate pastors and a warning box will pop-up after you save so you can type in the name.  The second language associate pastors who are appointed by the Bishop also have the 80% reduction; therefore, we require the associate pastor(s)’s name and relevant information.

Please do not hesitate to call the conference office or your district statistician if you need any help with the Tables – we will be happy to assist you.