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Worship Service – April 11, 2021


It is a tremendous privilege to provide Cal-Pac conference a pre-recorded worship service for April 11, 2021.

We respectfully invite you to join us in the continued celebration of Christ’s resurrection and the gift of new life in the season of Easter.

We look forward to sharing in the joy of worshipping together and providing a day of Sabbath on the second Sunday of Easter.


There are two ways of accessing the video files.  First, the entire worship service is downloadable as one file.  Or, each part of the worship service is downloadable at their corresponding Vimeo page.  Look for the “Download” button below the video, to the right.

A) Entire Worship ServiceVIEW/DOWNLOAD HERE

This is the complete worship service.  Please note that it can be a large file size to download.

B) Parts of the Worship Service

  1. Prelude: Pancakes & Praise Band Cover “Way Maker” (First UMC of Honolulu)
  2. Call to Worship: Mele Maka, Conference Lay Leader
  3. Unison Opening Prayer: Rev. Christy Clark
  4. Opening Hymn: UMH 158 “Come, Christians, Join to Sing” (Church of the Good Shepherd)
  5. Scripture Reading: Acts 4:32-35 Marissa Wells, Conference Staff
  6. Solo: “Graves into Gardens” by Valerie Hungalu (Guam UMC)
  7. Sermon(s)
  8. Response Music: ‘Ofa Ta’emalau (Indescribable Love) by Valerie Hungalu (Guam UMC)
  9. Offertory Prayer: Rev. Alma Johnson-Hawkins, Conference Staff
  10. Closing Hymn: UMH 364 “Because He Lives” (Church of the Good Shepherd)
  11. Benediction: Rev. Ed Hansen
  12. Postlude: Pancakes & Praise Band Cover “Trading My Sorrows” (First UMC of Honolulu)

Other Materials

Order of Worship (not a bulletin)