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Lahaina Relief 2023

Prayers & Support for Maui

See Bishop Escobedo-Frank’s pastoral letter HERE.

In response to the devastating fires which have ripped through Hawai`i in the last few days, a special giving link has been set up at the Conference center. 100% of all you give will go towards helping the people of Hawai`i.
We are committed to supporting the community of Lahaina as they navigate the challenges before them. All of the money collected through the links below will go towards helping this community in their time of need.
The first responders in Hawai`i have asked us not to send goods or people at this time as they work out what their specific needs will be over time. Our Disaster Response Task Force has mobilized and is working at assisting as plans develop. We will let you know more as the recovery plan is implemented.

ONLINE GIVING:  Individuals can give to the Lahaina Relief Fund at Churches can also use this link or include gifts through the online apportionment portal at

GIVING BY CHECK:  Gifts for the Lahaina Relief Fund can be made payable to the California-Pacific Conference and sent to California-Pacific Conference, Lahaina Relief Fund, PO Box 6006, Pasadena CA 91102-6006.


Rev. Dr. Tom Choi
Superintendent, Hawaiʻi District

Sonya Lee
Administrative Assistant, Hawaiʻi District


Checks payable to California-Pacific Conference with reference to “Lahaina Relief” on the check can be mailed to: Cal-Pac Conference, PO Box 6006, Pasadena, CA 91102-6006

or give online: