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Listening Posts


The purpose of our Cal-Pac listening posts is to give the people in local churches an opportunity to reflect on what is important to them in their Christian faith and in the United Methodist Church, then to imagine new directions for the church toward which God seems to be leading.

We understand that change creates anxiety and the purpose of these listening posts is to empower laity and clergy alike to express their thoughts and feelings and have a voice in the way forward for our Conference.

We are a diverse community and come from a vast range of theological positions, yet we are all members of the same church and share many missions and values in our service to God. It is vitally important that all viewpoints are expressed and taken into account as the Bishop and cabinet, as well as the task force created at Annual Conference 2019 in response to resolution 19-06 (see below), work towards a strategy for the Cal-Pac conference.

(Resolution 19-06BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the California-Pacific Annual Conference will empower the elected delegations of the 2016 and 2020 General / Jurisdictional Conferences to proactively coordinate and lead our Annual Conference’s envisioning of a new, inclusive form of Methodism. The team will draft concrete proposals that among other values support all persons having the opportunity to enter into marriage and to fully serve as laity and clergy regardless of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, marital status or differing abilities. In addition, this team will assess the consequences of those proposals – organizationally, economically, and spiritually, which includes how the California-Pacific Annual Conference may disaffiliate from The United Methodist Church, coordinating its efforts in concert with other Annual Conferences, coalitions and working groups throughout the church. Regular progress reports will be presented and provided to the Annual Conference and beyond.)

There are to be 76 listening posts in total, with at least one in each mission area of the conference. We have been intentional in our recruitment of hosts, facilitators, and interpreters with regards to our linguistic, geographic, and theological diversity and variances.

In addition to the listening posts there will be an anonymous form (coming soon) which can be completed through December 21st 2019.

The data and information collected at the listening posts, through the online forms, and from the new charge conference form “I see a new church” will be collated by a team of professionals and given to the Bishop, cabinet, and the task force team to assist them in expressing this new way forward for Cal-Pac.

For further information please contact Rev. Denyse Barnes –

The Follow-Up

Follow-Up Survey


Update: The survey will close at midnight on Sunday, January 26, 2020. Though online is preferred, for those who wish to use paper copies, a printable version can be downloaded HERE.

The Schedule

[LAST UPDATED: 11/13/19]

Below is a list of locations, dates, and the facilitator in charge of the post.

AM = 9:30AM to 12:30PM
PM = 1:00PM to 4:00PM

  • 10/5/19 (AM) @Claremont UMC – Rev. Kirsten Oh
  • 10/5/19 (AM) @Palm Springs UMC  – Rev. Denyse Barnes
  • 10/5/19 (AM) @Riverside First UMC – Rev. Eric Schmidt
  • 10/19/19 (AM) @Trinity UMC (Pomona) – Rev. Hillary Chrisley
  • 10/19/19 (AM) @Yorba Linda UMC – Rev. Diane Rehfield
  • 10/26/19 (AM) @Redlands First UMC – Rev. Eric Schmidt
  • 10/26/19 (AM) @Sage Granada Park UMC – Rev. Cedrick Bridgeforth
  • 10/26/19 (AM) @Whittier First UMC – Rev. Paige Eaves
  • 11/2/19 (AM) @San Gabriel First UMC – Rev. John Woodall
  • 11/2/19 (AM) @New Beginnings UMC – Rev. Jan Wiley
  • 11/9/19 (AM) @First Filipino-American UMC [Cancelled]
  • 11/9/19 (AM) @Grace UMC [Cancelled]
  • 11/23/19 (AM) @Victorville UMC – Rev. Catie Coots

Locations w/ Date TBA

  • Bell Memorial UMC
  • Upland First UMC
  • 10/26/19 (9:30AM – 11:30AM) @Parker UMC (English) – Rev. Denyse Barnes
  • 10/26/19 (2:00PM – 4:00PM) @Christ UMC (Korean) – Rev. Denyse Barnes
  • 10/27/19 (4:00PM – 6:00PM) @First UMC Honolulu (Tongan) – Rev. Denyse Barnes
  • 11/2/19 (AM) @Kona UMC – Rev. Tom Choi
  • 11/23/19 (PM) @Lihue UMC – Rev. Tom Choi

Locations w/ Date TBA

  • Ala Lani UMC
  • Ewa Beach UMC
  • Guam UMC
  • Hilo UMC
  • Kailua UMC
  • Lahaina UMC
  • Olive UMC
  • Wesley UMC
  • 10/19/19 (AM) @Glendale UMC – Rev. Sam B. Kim and Ana-Haydee Urda
  • 11/2/19 (AM) @Ventura UMC – Rev. Erin McPhee and Rev. Gary Keene
  • 11/2/19 (PM) @Santa Maria First UMC – Rev. Diane Rehfield
  • 11/9/19 (AM) @San Luis Obispo UMC – S. Barron and Rev. Rick Uhls
  • 11/9/19 (AM) @Reseda UMC – Rev. Tonya Harris
  • 11/9/19 (AM) @Santa Clarita UMC – Rev. Sam Kim [Cancelled]
  • 11/9/19 (AM) @Palmdale UMC – Rev. Terry Van Hook
  • 11/16/19 (AM) @Pasadena First UMC – Paul Audley
  • 11/23/19 (AM) @Valley Korean UMC – Rev. Kalesita Tu’ifua
  • 11/23/19 (AM) @Westlake UMC – Rev. Denyse Barnes
  • 11/23/19 (12PM – 2:30PM) @Ridgecrest UMC – Rev. Sandy Olewine
  • 11/23/19 (PM) @Tarzana UMC – Rev. Denyse Barnes

Locations w/ Date TBA

  • Santa Barbara First UMC
  • Northridge UMC
  • Sherman Oaks UMC
  • Holliston UMC
  • El Buen Pastor (Santa Paula)
  • 10/19/19 (AM) @El Centro UMC – Rev. Cedrick Bridgeforth
  • 10/26/19 (AM) @Vista UMC – Rev. Brent Ross
  • 11/2/19 (AM) @National City UMC [Cancelled]
  • 11/2/19 (AM) @Linda Vista UMC – Rev. Brian Kent
  • 11/2/19 (PM) @University UMC (Irvine) – Rev. James Dollins
  • 11/3/19 (PM) @Mesa Verde UMC – Rev. Mandy McDow
  • 11/9/19 (AM) @Foothills UMC – Rev. G. Batson and Rev. E. Kim
  • 11/9/19 (AM) @Community UMC (Huntington Beach) – Rev. Tim Ellington
  • 11/9/19 (AM) @Hope UMC (San Diego) – Rev. Brian Kent
  • 11/9/19 (AM) @Santa Ana UMC – Rev. Paige Eaves
  • 11/9/19 (AM) @St. Mark’s UMC (San Diego) – Rev. William DeBos
  • 11/16/19 (1:30PM – 4:30PM) @St. Paul’s UMC (San Diego) – Rev. Eugenio Raphael and Rev. Jessica Strysko
  • 11/23/19 (AM) @Ramona UMC – Rev. Melissa Rusler
  • 12/7/19 (AM) @Fallbrook UMC – Rev. Melisaa Rusler

Locations w/ Date TBA

  • Clairemont Christian Fellowship UMC
  • San Diego Korean UMC
  • St. Andrews by the Sea UMC
  • Wesley UMC (San Diego)
  • Murrieta UMC
  • 10/19/19 (AM) @Culver Palms UMC – Rev. Patricia Farris and Rev. David Berkey
  • 10/19/19 (AM) @Torrance First UMC – Rev. Erika Gara and Pastor Lyda Eddington
  • 10/26/19 (AM) @Hollywood UMC – Rev. Mandy McDow
  • 11/2/19 (12PM – 3PM) @El Buen Pastor UMC – Carmen Hortiales
  • 11/2/19 (PM) @Crossroads UMC [Cancelled]
  • 11/9/19 (AM) @Downey UMC [Cancelled]
  • 11/9/19 (AM) @Hamilton UMC [Cancelled]
  • 11/9/19 (AM) @Centenary UMC [Cancelled]
  • 11/9/19 (PM) @Grace UMC of Los Angeles – Rev. Cedrick Bridgeforth
  • 11/23/19 (9AM – 11AM) @Laguna Beach UMC – Michael Vantrease
  • 11/23/19 (AM) @Inglewood First UMC – Pastor Victor Cyrus-Franklin

Locations w/ Date TBA

  • Faith UMC (South Bay)
  • Holman UMC
  • Huntington Park UMC
  • Korean Central UMC
  • La Palma Korean UMC
  • Lennox UMC
  • Los Altos UMC


Delegation Form

The online form below is available for members of the California-Pacific Conference’s General Conference 2020 delegation in completing the work on Resolution 19-06.