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Worship Service – Thanksgiving 2021


Thanksgiving 2021 resonates deeply with the core message of the first thanksgiving. We who gather have come through a great hardship. There has been loss, and there will be further struggle ahead; but a difficult time in the story of our lives is waning.

We who are blessed to gather have received a great gift of life and health. The experience of such a gift is a heart of thanks. To show what is in our hearts, we now act on this feeling of thankfulness with acts of gratitude that express our thanksgiving to God and to all those who have journeyed with us and cared for us.

Our thanks to the Conference leaders and Local Church leaders who made this service possible. Happy Thanksgiving!

From Thankful to Grateful

“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.” — Henri Frederic Amie, German Philosopher and Poet


There are two ways of accessing the video files.  First, the entire worship service is downloadable as one file.  Or, each part of the worship service is downloadable at their corresponding Vimeo page.  Look for the “Download” button below the video, to the right.

A) Entire Worship Service – VIEW/DOWNLOAD HERE

This is the complete worship service.  Please note that it can be a large file size to download.

B) Parts of the Worship Service

  1. Prelude: “Come Thou Fount” San Carlos UMC Trio
  2. Invocation: Rev. Mark Nakagawa, West DS
  3. Special Music: “주님 나라 이루게 하소서” Christ UMC Honolulu Choir
  4. Witness from the World: Monalisa Tu’itahi, First Elect Lay General Conference Delegate
  5. Affirmation of Faith: Rev. Dr. Joel Hortiales, Director of Hispanic/Latino Ministries & Border Concerns, CM
  6. Special Music: “Philippians 4:6-7” Melida Skeete Smith, Grace UMC LA
  7. Prayer of Confession & Lord’s Prayer: Rev. Gregory Douglass, Native American UMC of Southern California
  8. Witness from the Word: Matthew 6:25-33 & Devotion by Rev. Melissa R. MacKinnon, North DS & Dean of the Cabinet
  9. Instrumental: “Beach Spring” San Carlos UMC Trio
  10. Prayer of Blessing & Benediction: Bishop Grant J. Hagiya

Other Materials

Theme & Order of Worship (not a bulletin)

Manuscripts/Transcripts of Liturgy 

  • A Thanksgiving Invocation (.docx | PDF)
  • An Inclusive Modern Affirmation of Faith (.docx | PDF)
  • Thanksgiving Confession (.docx | PDF)