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Summer Camps

Guide to Summer Camps

Update [5/29/2020]:  With a heavy heart and after much prayer and consideration it has been decided that the traditional Cal-Pac Summer Camp programs at Cedar Glen, Lazy W and Wrightwood will be cancelled for 2020.  Instead we will be offering alternative ways to experience camp in the coming months as listed below.

Our Wesleyan heritage calls us to “do no harm” and the safety of our campers and staff has always been our top priority.  With so much still uncertain about the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of contagion, testing and treatment our summer camp teams feel that it is best for us not to hold our traditional resident camp programs in order to promote the health and safety of all campers, families and staff.

Summer camp will be greatly missed by all who have been looking forward to it, especially this year!  There is a great longing for time outdoors together with God and the camp community.  Our theme is “Lift Our Hearts!” from Psalm 121.  So we are providing some exciting new opportunities to share in the camp experience over the next few months as follows:

1 – SUMMER CAMP REUNION WEEKENDS for all ages will be held at Cedar Glen, Lazy W and Wrightwood.  Please check their websites for further details.

2 – “HOUSEHOLD HOLIDAYS” – retreat time with those living in the same household – will be available in July and August at all of our sites – Aldersgate, Cedar Glen, Colby, Lazy W and Wrightwood.  Reservations can be made through calling the camp offices or visiting the camp websites starting in June.

3 – “WEB-BASED EXPERIENCES” for campers and families will be available in June and July.  Look for invitations from the summer camp staff and the camp websites.

4 – A YOUNG ADULT INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY will be offered at Camp Wrightwood for three weeks in July 6-26 – a time of “spiritual quarantine” for 18-24-year-olds including worship, prayer, service, nature and hikes, meals and much time for reflection. Call Camp Wrightwood or go to their website for further details and application.

Here are the places to ask questions or get further information:

Please consider making a donation to a camp or our Cal-Pac Conference Camp and Retreat Ministry at this important time. Our centers have on-going expenses for maintenance, staff, utilities and insurance without any spring or summer revenue from camp and retreats. By giving now you help ensure we will be able again to provide vital ministries to all as we re-open.  You can donate now at

Be hopeful!  We know that there will be a time soon when we can gather again at camp.  We miss you!  Be healthy and safe while “the joyful anticipation deepens.” (Rom. 8:21)


Our camps are overnight, Christian based programs where campers will engage in worship, small and large group activities, crafts, and games. They may also participate in activities, such as swimming, archery, ropes courses and many, many more. Three delicious meals are served each day and supervision is provided by well-trained caring staff.

Campers will grow in their faith, learn leadership skills, grow their self-esteem, develop interpersonal skills with peers and adults, make life-long friendships and have fun! Cal-Pac Summer Camps: Where everyone belongs!

Please see the overall summer schedule in The Details to choose the location, program and dates best suited for the camper’s age group. Programs this summer are offered at Cedar Glen (Julian, CA), Lazy W Ranch (San Juan Capistrano, CA) and Camp Wrightwood (Wrightwood, CA) as well as three island camp locations in Hawaii for Younger Elementary, Older Elementary, Junior High and High School youth.

NOTE: Registration is online via the button below. If you have questions about registration for a particular summer camp program please contact the site where the event is scheduled to take place: Cedar Glen (760.765.0477 or, Lazy W Ranch (949.728.0141 or, Camp Wrightwood (760.249.3453 or  Scholarships are available and the application is included in the registration process if there is a need.

Download 2020 Summer Camp Brochure

Regular Pricing

All 2020 overnight resident camps in California cost $450 per week unless otherwise indicated.

The Details

Younger Elementary Camp (grades 2-3): June 28 – July 1, 2020 [$230]

Older Elementary Camp (grades 3-6): June 28 – July 3, 2020 [$450]

Junior High Camp (grades 6-9): July 5-11, 2020 [$450]

Senior High Camp (grades 9 – graduated seniors): July 12-18, 2020 [$450]

Grand Camp (K-3): June 27-29, 2020 [updated 1/22/2020] [$100; $90 additional after 2]

2nd-3rd Elementary Camp (grades 2-3): July 6-9, 2020 [$230]

3rd-6th Elementary Camp (grades 3-6): July 6-11, 2020 [$450]

Jr High Camp (grades 6-9): July 12-18, 2020 [$450]

Sr High Camp (grade 9 – graduated seniors): July 19-25, 2020 [$450]

Adventure Camp (rising grades 7-10): June 28 – July 3, 2020 [$525]


Little Canyoneers (rising grades 1-3): June 28 – July 1, 2020 [$230]

Elementary Camp (grades 3-6): July 5-10, 2020 [$450]

Junior High Camp (grades 6-9): July 12-17, 2020 [$450]

Senior High Camp (grades 9 – graduated seniors): July 19-25, 2020 [$450]


Natural Wonders Camp (grades 6-8): July 26-31, 2020 [$525]

Update [4/28/2020]:  We regret to inform you that due to the safety concerns in the COVID-19 pandemic, the summer camps in Hawaii have been canceled. Please check back later for other opportunities.

June 7-12, 2020 @Camp Mokule`ia on Oahu

  • Elementary Camp #1 (finished grades 2-5) [$460]
  • Middle School Camp #1 (finished grades 6-8) [$475]
  • Senior High Camp #1 (finished grades 9-12) [$475]


June 22-26, 2020

  • Elementary Day Camp (finished grades 1–5): St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Oahu [$200]
  • Elementary Day Camp (finished grades 1–5): Church of the Holy Apostles, Big Island [$200]
  • Elementary Day Camp (finished grades 1–5): Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Maui [$200]


July 5-7, 2020 @Camp Mokule`ia on Oahu

  • Mini Camp #1 (finished grades 1-2) [$275]


July 5-10, 2020 @Camp Mokule`ia on Oahu

  • Elementary Camp #2 (finished grades 2-5) [$460]
  • Middle School Camp #2 (finished grades 6-8) [$475]


July 8-10, 2020 @Camp Mokule`ia on Oahu

  • Mini Camp #2 (finished grades 1-2) [$275]


July 12-17, 2020 @Camp Mokule`ia on Oahu

  • Elementary Camp #3 (finished grades 2-5) [$460]
  • Middle School Camp #3 (finished grades 6-8) [$475]


July 13-17, 2020

  • Elementary Day Camp (finished grades 1–5): Epiphany, Oahu [$200]

Augus 7-9, 2020 @Camp Magruder (Oregon)

  • Q Camp: High School – Sacred Roads 2020 [$75]