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Bishop’s Initiative for Revitalization

It is with great anticipation and exaltation that I am reaching out to inform you that the Bishop’s Initiative for Revitalization is up and running on our California-Pacific Conference website at or via the button below.

An initial group formed for the work of conceptualizing the work of revitalization in local churches throughout our Conference gathered information, listened to concerns, saw the need, and formulated assistance for churches that desire to be empowered for the purpose of reestablishing vitality in their local church.

In addition to going to the page directly, you will find on the New Ministries page a section labeled “The Details,” where inside the “01. Current Resources” tab, you will find a link called, “Revitalize Your Church.”

Once you arrive at the Revitalization page, you will see that there are three parts that include 1) Inspiring Stories, 2) Congregational Vitality Assessment, and 3) Request A Vitality Consultation.  You now have the ability to request an assessment and evaluation for your church and its impact via this online resource.

As we face uncertain days ahead, this is a good place to start the work of defining who we are as United Methodists in our communities, our effectiveness and the practical things we can do to be more relevant and impactful for the purpose of fostering discipleship.

Please take a look and reach out to us as we prepare to #seeanewchurch.

Your Fellow Servant,

Rev. Anthony Boger
Associate Director of New Ministries
California-Pacific Conference