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Cal-Pac Retreats (Camp & Retreat)

An extended page for California-Pacific Camp & Retreat Ministries is now available as a resource for Retreats listing the following:

  • retreat centers in Southern California and Hawaii that can be contacted for hosting a retreat
  • upcoming retreats offered by the Cal-Pac Retreat Ministry to the Conference and its members
  • a monthly blog that will give helpful tips and information for retreat leaders
  • a resources page with sample retreat schedules and experienced Cal-Pac individuals who can lead various kinds of retreats or sessions within a retreat

We hope this to be a valuable resource to any person, any congregation, or any UMC organization planning for a retreat of any size. This site was developed as part of a grant from the United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministry in 2022.

You can access the page at or via the Cal-Pac Camp & Retreat Ministries page.

Rev. Marlene Urban-Funk
Retreat Visioning Coordinator, Cal-Pac Retreat Visioning Launch Team