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FAQ of Local Church Finances During COVID-19

The unprecedented impact of COVID-19 has become abundantly clear. What is also clear is that we can find comfort and relief in our faith and in prayer. I offer heartfelt prayers for you and I am grateful to you for your dedication to your church and its ministry. Together, we will endure this most uncertain and anxious time.

Many local churches have contacted our District Superintendents seeking advice on operating church business during this extra ordinary time. As a result, the following FAQ came into existence. It is my hope that this document will be helpful to you. I welcome ideas and other questions from you as I intend to further strengthen this document.

Receiving Mail and Depositing Checks

Q: How will our church receive donations at the church if everyone is required to “Shelter in Place?”


Develop protocols for a limited number of individuals to access the church mail. Follow CDC protocols for Health and Safety.

Use ATM service for making a deposit

Call your bank and request a remote deposit scanner. This will allow you to deposit multiple checks at one time without making a trip to ATM.

Many churches have set up “Online Giving” and Electronic Funds Transfers with their members. Many local churches subscribe to Vanco Services.

Bill Payments and Reimbursements:

Q: How will we pay the bills without touching mail boxes, going to the post office etc. and keep safe from contacting the virus?


Nowadays, most businesses provide an option for online transactions.

Set up to receive bills via email. Activate or increase the Bill Pay function from your church bank account. Pay bills online or by phone if necessary.

If the above is not possible, stagger office visits with other church staff/volunteers to collect mail, print checks etc. Follow all protocols from CDC for Health and Safety such as washing hands, using gloves,  maintain social distance, etc.

Q: How will our staff or volunteers get reimbursed for expenditures?


Have staff and others scan and email reimbursement or payment request vouchers. Accept email approval.

Internal Control

Q: How can we follow ‘internal control’


All regular bills such as utilities, payment to gardener, etc could be paid without formal pre-authorization or by receiving an email authorization.

Make it a practice to send “paid bills report” from your accounting system to Finance Chair weekly for review.

For all non-regular payments: Request pre-payment authorization from finance chair (or designated person) by taking a picture of the bill or scanning it, email this to the finance chair/designated person. Print out email authorization and keep with payment documentation.

The Cal-Pac Staff and the Cabinet are wanting to support the work of the local church. Stewardship is a big part of being connected to each other and the world, while we are “staying safe at home.” If you need further assistance with general procedures that is elated to your church finances, donations, etc, please reach out to:

  1. District Offices through email.
  2. Cal-Pac Treasurer’s Office through email:;
  3. Other churches in your Mission Area who have realigned their best financial practices- for a time like this.

Other Resources available through conference:

A Zoom account can be purchased at a highly discounted rate of $100 through the conference office. Webinar feature also could be added through this purchase at a small cost of $20/month.

Friends, we walk this journey together. May our God protect us all and all His children around the globe from this pandemic. May this calamity bring restoration and healing of spirit and body. May the Lord pour out His blessings upon all.


Archana Carey
Treasurer/Executive Director of Finance & Facilities