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To Love Your Neighbor is Not a Crime! Stand with NCCP! (Statement in Solidarity with NCCP)

The California-Pacific Philippines Task Force of the United Methodist Church vehemently condemns, the malicious inclusion of the National Council of Churches of the Philippines (NCCP) on the Department of National Defense’s (DND) list of “front organizations of local communist terrorist groups (CTG)”. We have been partnering together in our shared solidarity work and ministry for over five years and are deeply grateful for that partnership. As we further deepen our commitment to standing by them in these times of persecution, we work toward shared dreams of peace and justice for the communities in the Philippines, Los Angeles, and beyond.

As the largest aggrupation of mainline Protestant and non-Roman Catholic denominations in the Philippines, we are one with them in preaching the Gospel of loyalty to Jesus Christ. NCCP and their members are always living into the example that Jesus set out for us to love the least and the last and care for the oppressed. From emergency relief assistance in response to natural disasters to accompanying family members who have lost loved ones NCCP is always living their faith in action.

We are deeply alarmed by the DND’s fear mongering and attempts to justify the attacks on groups that serve the most marginalized communities in the Philippines. This ongoing persecution against marginalized communities will do nothing but further worsen the suffering community members are facing.

We know NCCP’s 25 years of commitment to live their faith in action serving those on the margins of society will continue even in the midst of shrinking democratic space and rising impunity. Through our partnership and shared, many of our members have come to find a deepened and renewed faith through living our faith in action working toward a peace that is rooted in justice. We commit to living our faith in solidarity with our partners at NCCP, remembering that Jesus called us together across communities to care for each other most especially the most marginalized and struggling in our society. We will continue in prayerful action for our siblings in faith at NCCP and the communities they serve.

We uplift and amplify the calls to #EndUSMilitaryAidToThePhilippines! #StopTheAttacks! #HandsOffNCCP! #ResistEvil!