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Worship Service for Thanksgiving 2021

Dear Siblings in Christ,

Thanksgiving blessings to you all. Below is the link to the Conference-sponsored Virtual thanksgiving Worship Service Resource. You may use this resource in its entirety or any of the individual presentations. Possible uses of this resource are:

  • Offer this to your congregation as a “Thanksgiving Day” special virtual worship time.
  • Use portions of this service to insert into your Thanksgiving Sunday virtual service offering.
  • Enjoy it as a pastor as your personal thanksgiving devotion time.
  • Substitute this service for a regularly planned service.
  • Offer this as an “additional” Thanksgiving Sunday virtual worship time.

As previously announced, the Conference will also be providing a complete service of Christmas with a full yearend sermon by Bishop Grant Hagiya. Be on the look out!

Our thanks to the Conference leaders and Local Church Leaders who made this service possible. Happy Thanksgiving!

Rev. John Farley
Assistant to the Bishop for Leadership