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AC2022: Frequently Asked Questions

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AC2022: Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will worship and ordination take place during AC2022? 

Opening Worship and Memorial Worship will be online on Wednesday, June 15. All other worship services, and ordination/commission services will be held in the main meeting room (Pacific Ballroom), live streamed online, and archived at

Do all voting members have to be in-person to vote on the actions of the AC2022? 

Those who cannot be with us because of ongoing public health concerns are invited to join us at the events available online June 7, 15, 17-18. All voting members will vote using the same online authenticated system whether online or in-person. 

Do I need more than one electronic device to participate in AC2022? 

No. The voting system is an online and app-based system with a unique identifier for each voting member. Although it is not required, it is recommended that a 2nd device (cell phone, tablet, 2nd computer monitor, etc.) is used for voting to allow each participant to continue to have a full view of the plenary screen during voting. 

Can I participate in AC2022 without driving to or staying at the hotel in Costa Mesa? 

Yes. If you are a voting member of AC2022, you can register and participate online as you may have experienced in 2020 and 2021. The same is true for observers and non-voting members of the conference. However, all are welcome to register for the on-site portion and book a room at the hotel. 

Will all aspects of AC2022 be live streamed? 

No. Only the plenaries and activities scheduled in the Pacific Ballroom (main meeting space) will be live streamed. Breakout meetings, mission activities, meal events, and small group gatherings are not guaranteed to be live streamed by the Cal-Pac Media team.  

How was the decision reached to meet at the Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa? 

The Sessions Task Force reluctantly decided not to go to the University of Redlands in 2022 based on their increased rates and unwillingness to negotiate their COVID policies. In addition, the tech and media and air conditioner set up at the University require more time than we had planned to meet in person.  

Only after declining to sign a contract with the University did the task force engage in a last-minute search for an alternative option that was comparably and responsibly priced, completing a year’s worth of site searching, negotiations, and planning for the event in about four months. The task force members were excited to find that this year’s conference hotel had adequate meeting space, parking, and rooms. The hotel negotiated room rates, meeting space, meal prices, and parking downward substantially from their initial rates. 

Why is the in-person portion of AC2022 being held in Costa Mesa, California? 

As the COVID-19 restrictions were being lifted in California, the Sessions Task Force approached the University of Redlands to determine their COVID protocols and how those might impact our ability to be on campus.  

The Sessions Task Force entered negotiations with the University of Redlands to have an in-person Annual Conference in Redlands in June 2022. Unfortunately, after three months, we were unable to reach an agreement on the following issues, which made holding Annual Conference at the University unworkable this year: 

  1. The University’s COVID protocol required all participants to be fully vaccinated or very recently tested with test results in hand. Vaccination records & test results would have had to be reviewed and verified.  
  1. The University’s COVID protocol required that the Annual Conference cancel or immediately adjourn all activities if even one person tested positive for COVID-19 while we were on the campus, whether or not we had completed required business items or Ordination & Commissioning. Everyone would be required to leave campus immediately if any such test result was provided to the Conference or the University. 
  1. The University was only willing to engage in limited shared liability for cancellation, no matter the cancellation (widespread virus outbreak or one person getting sick on the first day). This amounted to massive liability for the Conference to the University, including but not limited to all pre-ordered meals (eaten or not) and 50% of all reserved but canceled resident hall reservations, with additional liabilities to our participants for cancellation and refunds. In addition, our Hawaii travelers would need last-minute hotel accommodations or be stranded for the duration of their time in California. 
Is having in-person AC2022 in Costa Mesa comparable to what it would cost at the University of Redlands or another location? 

The Sessions Task Force understands the concerns about cost and location for local churches and individuals, which is why attending on-site in Costa Mesa is not required to participate fully.  

In general, we note that churches and members will find costs associated with Annual Conference to be significantly increased in future years, even if we can return to a university setting without risky COVID rules for 2023 and beyond. During the unsuccessful negotiating period in 2022, we also were made aware of increased cost expectations at all levels at the University of Redlands, including: 

  1. The cost of on-campus housing has already doubled since 2019 for those Conference members wishing to stay in on-campus housing. (Additional charges for extra required cleaning under COVID protocols would add to that.) 30%-40% of Conference members utilize campus housing annually. 
  1. Hotel rates in Redlands have also risen substantially. When we last checked, the prices for June weekends were $172/night (Hampton Inn & Suites San Bernardino), $164/night (DoubleTree by Hilton San Bernardino), and $179/night and up (Ayres Hotel Redlands), a 25%-35% increase from 2019 and earlier. According to our research, approximately 40% of our members stayed in hotels near the University of Redlands during Annual Conference during recent pre-pandemic years. 
  1. Meal expenses at the University of Redlands have risen 25%-30% since 2019, meaning that both cafeteria meals and catered meals would have cost significantly more. All catered events would have been priced at or above the $30 price point. 

Thus, churches should be prepared for a significant price increase over 2019 no matter where future Annual Conferences are held. 

What are the COVID requirements for in-person attendees?  Which safeguards/protocols/preparation can we anticipate for our personal safety and protection when meeting and lodging at the hotel(s)?

The decision to return to in-person sessions of Annual Conference has been made with great prayer and months of consideration. In keeping with the recommendations of the State of California’s Department of Public Health, we strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask in the Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa, especially those who are unvaccinated. If you are feeling sick, please stay home. We are prepared to adjust our plan should conditions warrant it.

These guidelines are offered not simply out of an abundance of caution for the physical well-being of the community gathered in Costa Mesa, but as an extension of our belief that God calls us to love and care for one another.  We do this embracing the three simple rules of Methodism: Do No Harm, Do Good, Stay in Love with God.

The 38th Annual Session of the California-Pacific Conference will be held on June 7 (online), 15 (online), and 17-18 (online & in-person), 2022. For more updates and detailed information, visit the AC2022 page via the button below.