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CALL TO PRAYER // LAX Incident 2013

Brothers and Sisters,

On this All Saints day in which we remember those faithful servants of God who have gone before us, we again find ourselves facing violence and death.

Many of you are aware of the fact that several have been shot at the Los Angeles International Airport with one dead and several others critically injured. We do not know the reason for this sad situation, but as people of Christian faith we do know that violence is never the way to resolve life’s issues.

We also know that prayer can cause an outpouring of God’s mercy and grace. I invite us to pray for all who are affected by this most recent shooting. Join me in giving thought to the unending wave of persons whose lives have been afflicted by this one violent incident. And would you also join me in considering how you and I as followers of Jesus Christ might yet alter our ways to give a witness to the power of living as agents of God’s peace.

As more becomes known to us about this terrible tragedy let us seek out whatever injustice may be at the heart of what has happened, for God’s peace always flows from justice. May our prayers join the prayers of the Saints of generations past and rise up to God who alone is our eternally faithful strength and hope.


Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño