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Christmas 2013

Luke 2:1-14

Brothers and Sisters,

messageOn the eve of this Christmas I am praying that the joyful goodwill and peace promised to us by the One who loves us all and to whom we belong will come upon us and upon every child of God and all of God’s creation.

God sends us the incomparable healing word of good will and perfect peace in a child born in a manger. If God can humble himself in this way, can we not humble ourselves just long enough to consider what God has done for us?

Let us set aside the busyness we create in this season and be still and listen to the sound of the very beating of God’s own heart; that divine heart above all hearts that loves us all without exception, forgives us all without exception, and yearns to be with us without exception, for ALL are loved by God.

In just a few hours we will celebrate God’s love being born among us. May we with humble and grateful heart make a space in our hearts big enough and open enough to welcome and hold on to God’s grace-filled love for the seasons of our lives yet ahead. As the angels proclaimed on that glorious night of Christ’s birth, do not be afraid for it is our loving God who comes near and who will be with us on this night and always.

Blessed Christmas to every one of you!

Peace and Love,
Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño