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Call to Host Missionaries 2019

Current missionary itineration for 2019 is happening.  Arriving on different dates, they will be traveling to all districts and hoping to visit as many churches as possible.  Though some people visit California for our sun and fun places, missionaries are here to work, share how our mission money is used, and also to make new friends along the way.

Here are current schedules:

  • Jonathan McCurley was visiting the San Luis Obispo area and Hawaii until March 17 before returning to Japan.
  • Belinda Forbes (Nicaragua) is in town and is currently available for visiting in the Pasadena area the evening of Thursday, March 21 and Thursday, March 28. Her schedule is as follows:
    • Wed, March 20 – Ridgecrest UMC
    • Sun, March 24 – San Dieguito UMC
    • Mon, March 25 – Community UMC Huntington Beach
    • Wed, March 27 – Glendora UMC
    • Sun, March 31 – Valendia UMC
  • John Elmore (Chile) will be in the Camarillo area and is currently available May 1 through May 4 as he travels back to the Los Angeles area. He is also open and looking for churches and overnight hosts in the LAX area as his flight leaves to Norfolk, VA, on Wed, May 8:
    • Sat, April 27-29 – Don Howald, Camarillo UMC
    • Tue, April 30 – Arroyo Grande
    • Sun, May 5 (morning) – Upland UMC
    • Sun, May 5 (5:30PM) – Rolling Hills UMC
  • Katherine Parker (Nepal) will be driving from Cal-Nevada Conference on May 31. She is currently available from Monday, June 3 to Tuesday, June 4:
    • Sat, June 1 – El Segundo UMC
    • Sun, June 2 – Vista UMC
    • Wed, June 5 – (Tentative) Bishop UMC
    • Sun, June 9 – Travel day
  • Hyo-Won Park (Russia) will be visiting May 17-22. Currently, all dates are open. He has no supporting churches in Cal-Pac, but our Secretaries of Global Ministries spent a day with him and learned his amazing story when he itinerated here 3 years ago. He would like to visit Korean Churches, but as he is fluent in English and speaks Russian, any church is recommended to extend an invitation.
  • Teri & Evelyn Erbele (Washington; Mission Advocates for the Western Jurisdiction of Global Ministries) will be visiting in the first half of June.

Please contact Donna Johnson, Cal-Pac Conference Secretary of Global Ministries, at (562) 544-9919 or to schedule a missionary or if you have questions on how you can be supportive to missionaries and mission projects in the US and around the world.